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Dream. Seek. Soar…

Dream. Seek. Soar…I Dare You by Vicki Hinze Now and then, we all awaken in “a mood.”  It might be due to outside facts, like what we’ve been exposed to or had pounded into our heads from TV programs or movies or [...]

Why Writers Write What They Write

  WHY WRITERS WRITE WHAT THEY WRITE BY VICKI HINZE   If you ask ten writers why they’ve written the books they’ve written, you won’t get ten different answers. You’ll get a question: Which book?   Because [...]

The Difference Between Writers and Authors

  The Difference Between a Writer and an Author by Vicki Hinze   When I was a new writer, I went to a conference and attended a workshop.  In it, the presenter said a writer was an unpublished novelist and, once that writer became [...]

Happy New Year! You’ve Got It. What Will You Do With It?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH IT? By Vicki Hinze The door has officially opened on a brand new year, and that means brand new opportunities.  What will you do to make this your best year yet?   Last year is gone.  For some [...]

12 Tips for Holiday Bliss: Part 1

12 Tips for Holiday Bliss: Part 1 by Vicki Hinze   The goal isn’t just to survive or cope with the holidays.  The goal is to enjoy the holidays wherever you are, whatever your circumstances. To get from survival to bliss takes [...]


c2014, Vicki Hinze   EBOLA FAST FACTS By  Vicki Hinze   We’re not docs, and we don’t have a week or a month to sift through the data and find out what we need to know about Ebola.  We want the facts—quickly.  So here are the [...]

Cyber Security Awareness: Are You Protected?

It’s National Cyber Security Month:  Are You Protected?  By  Vicki Hinze  © 2014    Individuals have more latitude about what they disclose online and make available to the public than do writers and others whose objective in putting [...]

The Power of Clarity

  The Power of Clarity by Vicki Hinze We know the power in clarity, and that its absence is confusion and chaos.  What, then, can we do to create more clarity and less havoc in our lives?   We need to start from an honest place.  No [...]

SCRAPING BONES: Myths and Truths of a Working Writer

SCRAPING BONES: Myths and Truths of a Working Writer  By Vicki Hinze © 2014   Many think that anyone can write a book. Perhaps anyone can, but that’s not the true question that should be addressed before beginning one—and failing to [...]


WRITE NOT WHAT YOU KNOW– WRITE WHAT YOU UNDERSTAND  By  Vicki Hinze   Writing advice comes and goes.  The advice that sticks through the years tends to be that which contains a universal gem that remains intact despite repeated tests [...]