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An Act Fast Opportunity for Inspirational Historical Writers by Vicki Hinze and Elizabeth Mazer   As writers, one of the most difficult challenges is pairing up with the right editor for our work. Once we find the right editor, then we [...]

Breaking Out of the Sameness Writing Rut

BREAKING OUT OF THE SAMENESS WRITING RUT   By   Vicki Hinze     You’ve written a lot of books. Now you’re sensing yourself or hearing from your editor that all of your lead characters sound, think, and act as [...]


Follow Your Bliss: Love What You Do by Vicki Hinze   Recently, I spent the entire day doing background work on a fabulous new series: creating settings and the rules of the realm, characters and developing plot lines. I love those days [...]

10 Bits of Stellar Advice from J.R.R. Tolkien

by Jenny Hansen What if Tolkien had never written his books? What if there had been no Hobbits and no Gandalf, no Legolas or Frodo? The world of story would be an entirely different place. Our journey and our personal stories matter. They really [...]

Mike Rowell for a “Dream Year Pitch Night”

Join author Ben Arment and host Mike Rowell for a “Dream Year Pitch Night” in Indianapolis on Tuesday, August 12th. You’ll get a copy of the new book, meet a community of Indy’s dreamers and doers in the tech, design, [...]


When You’ve Lost Everything by Vicki Hinze     This year, more than most, I’m hearing from people who have lost everything.  They’re feeling hopeless and helpless.  Defeated in life, or by life.  Some have lost jobs and homes, [...]

Color Me Happy—Again and Again and Again

  Color Me Happy—Again and Again and Again By  Vicki Hinze   Inspiration can come at you from any direction, at any time, and in any form.  The thing isn’t whether or it will come, it’s whether or not we’ll notice it when [...]


WHEN LIFE INTERRUPTS… By Vicki Hinze   A few years ago, I underwent a series of eye surgeries, and learned a lot more than I ever wanted to know about living and writing in a life bombarded by interruptions.  Since all lives are interrupted [...]

Inspire Me! Part 6: Coping with Distractions

  Inspire Me! Part 6:  Coping With Distractions by Vicki Hinze   Regardless of your specific career, we’re all bombarded daily with distractions. We don’t need lectures on adult discipline, we need coping tools, and [...]

Inspire Me! #5: Sorting Through the Advice

Inspire Me! Series Part #5:  Sorting Through the Advice   Practical Experience on Things Writers Should Ignore with Author and Speaker, Kathi Macias   By   Vicki Hinze     Continuing with the Inspire Me series, we’ve finished the [...]