Coupon for Exquisite Elements

I will be one of the featured artist at the upcoming RAW Artist Event on February 14th from 7-11pm at Bartini’s in the old Union Station.  I need to sell tickets and am prepared to offer a 30% discount to anyone who can show me via email confirmation or with a Paypal confirmation that they purchased their ticket in support of Exquisite Elements.  I’m open to suggestions on how to make that work.  In my opinion the entire city should be at this event.  It’s the first of the year and looks like it will be amazing!

If they click the link above and order tix through the link in the middle of the page that says “Featured Artist 02/14/13 Buy a Ticket for this Artist” then it will go toward my count.
So that’s a 30% coupon on any of the jewelry, art prints, etc. that I will have displayed and for sale that night.
By the way I follow you on Twitter under @ESquared4Jewels
Jay Rickard


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