Indy Mod Homes

Smart. Sustainable. Prefab. Kick-ass! These are just a few of the words used to describe Indy Mod Homes. Award-winning homebuilder Ursula David is bringing a new line of custom, modular homes to downtown Indianapolis! Coming soon to the Cottage Home neighborhood, these one-of-a-kind homes are designed to promote green living and building, without compromising modern design! The homes are stick-built in a factory, right here in Indiana, conserving resources, maximizing material, minimizing waste, and ensuring Indiana, especially the Cottage Home neighborhood, stays both as green, and stylish as possible! The new homes may be modular, but they certainly don’t lack individuality! Ursula has taken her love for clean lines, bright colors, and contemporary design and infused them into Indy Mod Homes. Her adoration for the city, architecture and urban flare are what drew her to the Cottage Home neighborhood. After purchasing five lots on 10th street between Highland Avenue and Stillwell Street, it was the people that made her fall in love. It was the respect, gratitude, and support they have for each other, evident through their community garden, that made her confident she had made the right choice.

For Ursula, building a sense of community, and an environment where people can thrive and succeed is essential. This sense of community isn’t restricted to her own neighborhood. While her new project, Indy Mod Homes is dedicated to making a positive impact on an already flourishing neighborhood, she also currently serves on the board of Big Car. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to bringing people of all backgrounds together through art in order “to promote and perpetuate creativity, invigorate public places, and support better neighborhoods.” As her work on Indy Mod Homes aims to help forge a path to more sustainable, green living in the Cottage Home neighborhood, she hopes her work with Big Car helps forge a path for urban communities to come together by promoting creativity through art.

To learn more about Indy Mod Homes check out their website at www.indymodhomes.com, Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IndyModHomes, and Twitter @IndyModHomes.

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