An Attic Fan

“When the fan broke, I set up camp next to this wagon wheel. Not much cooler, but there’s lots of spokes emphasize the rustic quality of my button downs.” Morning Readers, You know what I love more than Strawberry [...]

Measuring Success

Susan was upset the floral-print blouse she ordered didn’t compliment the monkey as well as she’d hoped. Morning Readers, It’s only 10am, and I’m already out of coffee. Which only goes to show that letting your [...]

Our Life is Like a Junk Drawer—Sticky, Ugly & Interesting

By Kristen Lamb Ah, it is time for spring cleaning. This past week I have been on a mission to simplify and organize. Yeah, easier said than done. I began with the refrigerator, battled the Spinach Ooze of Doom and The Casserole that Time Forgot. I [...]

10 Ways I’d Love My Books To Be Like Flat Stanley

by Jenny Hansen Flat Stanley at the Beach in Carlsbad, CA   If you’re a North American parent with a child in 3rd grade or beyond, it’s a pretty sure bet you’ve heard of Flat Stanley. Just in case you haven’t, here’s [...]

15 Ways To Rock Your Sibling’s World

by Jenny Hansen Although Sibling Day falls on April 10th this year, I got my present a few weeks early. A few weeks ago, my baby sis posted this on Facebook. Things my sister Jenny Hansen taught me: How to savor good coffee How to put on [...]

And Now, Why I Don’t Open the Door…

In case you’re wondering, yes, the amount of chocolate that’s been eaten around here, within the last twenty-four hours is obscene. The twins have also eaten their fare share. But, reasons for my hands shaking aside, Easter for [...]

An Easter Story: The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg by Jenny Hansen Christians all over the world are celebrating Easter today, likely after commemorating the other important holidays that make up Holy Week. But I’m just gonna confess it…growing up in my house, Easter [...]

Have You Discovered Your “Life’s Work?”

by Jenny Hansen After last week’s post on autism, I thought I’d explore this topic a bit further in the form of my little brother, Dallas. Dallas is twenty-five years old, going on eight. Although he’s a high-functioning autistic individual, [...]

5 Lessons I Learned Teaching Autistic Kids

5 Lessons Learned Teaching Autistic Children by Jenny Hansen My first job out of college was as an autism specialist for the Judevine Center for Autism, based in St. Louis. It was like learning a strange language in a strange land. An extremely [...]

The Playplace Experience

  Saturday found us staring at snow and limited options of what to do with the children. Our initial reaction, after pulling them out of cabinets and watching them punch each other, was to mail them both to Bangladesh, but we refrained [...]